7 Grass Alternatives For Your Lawn

Green and gold, a native ground cover, forms a mat of bright green foliage topped with sunny yellow flowers.

Green And Gold

Creeping speedwell, another hardy ground cover, produces a carpet of deep green evergreen foliage, with some varieties featuring gold leaves.

Creeping Speedwell 

Creeping thyme, tolerating moderate foot traffic, serves as an alternative to turf in various landscape areas. Its cushiony foliage is adorned with showy, attracting butterflies.

Creeping Thyme 

Blue star creeper forms a lush mat of deep green foliage, resilient to kids and pets. It blooms from spring through summer, covering plants with white to pale blue blossoms.

Blue Star Creeper 

Sweet woodruff, a shade-loving ground cover, thrives in heavy shade and tolerates deer and rabbit browsing. Small, fragrant white flowers creating a visually appealing landscape

Sweet Woodruff 

Creeping mazus, a tough ground cover, serves as an excellent lawn alternative in small areas. Its purple-blue flowers add color from spring through early summer

Creeping Mazus 

Selfheal, once considered a weed, is now promoted as a component of "bee lawns" for recreational use. Its purple blooms in mid to late summer provide nectar for native bees and butterflies.