8 Best Birds for Apartment Living


Small and relatively quiet, budgies are ideal for apartment living. They are active birds that enjoy out-of-cage playtime.


Canaries are small and don't make much noise that would disturb neighbors. They prefer not to be handled but enjoy a spacious cage with toys.


Fragile and skittish, finches are best kept in small groups and require a large cage for exercise. Their vocalizations are soft and unlikely to disturb neighbors.


With moderate noise levels, cockatiels are suitable for most living situations. They have lively personalities and can adapt well to other birds.


Tiny parrotlets have soft chirps and are highly energetic. They don't require much space but enjoy plenty of activity.

Pionus Parrot

Known for their quiet nature, Pionus parrots are gentle and easygoing. They need a large cage and space for out-of-cage playtime.

Bourke's Parakeet

Mellow and quiet, Bourke's parakeets are moderately active birds that bond closely with their caretakers.

Senegal Parrot

Calm and quiet, Senegal parrots are ideal for apartment living. They form strong bonds with their families and require daily interaction and out-of-cage time for enrichment.