8 Best Mediterranean Desserts And Sweets

Italian Wedding Cookies:

Shortbread-like cookies tossed in powdered sugar, made with simple ingredients for a classic treat.

Torta Caprese (Italian Chocolate Torte):

A famous Italian dessert featuring ground almonds, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and whipped egg whites for a rich, dense cake.

Tiramisu Cups:

Individual servings of tiramisu with layers of creamy mascarpone, ladyfingers, and cocoa powder, offering a convenient twist on the traditional dessert.

Lemon Tiramisu:

A fresh take on tiramisu with lemon curd, lemon mascarpone cream, and ladyfingers dipped in limoncello for a zesty flavor.

Tiramisu Cake with Mascarpone Cream:

Layers of genoise cake soaked in espresso, filled with mascarpone cream, and topped with cocoa powder for a decadent dessert.

Mini Fruit Tarts with Pastry Cream:

Buttery tart shells filled with homemade pastry cream and topped with fresh fruit for a delightful bite-sized treat.

Creamy Chocolate Parfait:

Rich chocolate mousse layered with velvety whipped cream and crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs, perfect for chocolate lovers.

Mini Chocolate Tarts:

Buttery shortcrust pastry filled with a silky smooth chocolate ganache, creating a luxurious mini dessert.