8 Cities Where People Live Longer Than The Average Person

With an average life span of 89.73 years and a Mediterranean diet, Monaco boasts the world's highest life expectancy amidst its wealthy population.


Known for its strong economy fueled by gambling, Macau enjoys an average life span of 84.41 years, with a diet primarily focused on plant and seafood.


This microstate nestled in Italy sees an average life span of 83.01 years, possibly attributed to its low unemployment rate and active faith practices.

San Marino

With rugged terrain and a diet rich in plants, beans, and sheep cheese, Sardinia boasts an average life span of 81 years.


Geothermal energy and a diet rich in fish contribute to Iceland's average life span of 81.28 years, with low pollution levels and a diet focused on natural foods.


With a predominantly vegetarian diet among Seventh Day Adventist residents, Loma Linda sees residents living well into their 80s.

Loma Linda, California

A traditional Japanese diet rich in fish, soy, and legumes contributes to Okinawa's low death rates from common diseases and higher life expectancy.


An active lifestyle and varied diet contribute to Australia's average life span of 83.7 years for women and 79.2 years for men.