8 Dazzling Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Wavy A-Line Bob:

This dark brown bob with layers and caramel highlights offers lightness and is perfect for thick, wavy hair; it can also be styled with a curling wand or flat iron for straighter hair.

Short Bob with Side Bangs:

A soft, feminine bob with waves and side bangs that accentuate the eyes, best styled with texture spray for a messy, chic look.

Bob Haircut for Straight Thick Hair:

The stacked bob reduces hair thickness and offers versatile styling options, whether sleek or messy, making it ideal for thick, straight hair.

Long Layered Blonde Bob:

This classic longer bob in light blonde features a feathery texture to reduce thickness and dramatic long curtain bangs for added flair.

Line Bob Haircut for Thick Hair:

A medium-length bob that emphasizes volume and movement with strategic highlights, requiring minimal round brush styling to maintain its chic look.

Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs:

Perfect for taming unruly thick hair, the shaggy bob removes excess bulk and adds trendy curtain bangs for a modern twist.

Short Blunt Bob:

A versatile chin-length blunt bob that works beautifully with thick hair, allowing for smooth, messy, or varied parting styles.

Romantic Bob Hairstyle:

This classic bob with youthful bangs suits both wavy and straight hair, providing a feminine touch while flattering any face shape.