9 Shrimp Recipes That'll Make You Forget About Takeout

Asparagus 'n' Shrimp with Angel Hair

This colorful dish is bursting with flavor and can be on the table in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for busy weeknights.

Sheet-Pan Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Bake

A simple and lazy dinner option, this sheet pan meal requires minimal cleanup and is packed with delicious flavors.

Greek Shrimp Orzo

Leftover seafood transforms into a fantastic lunch when served cold the next day alongside fresh baked pita bread.

Air-Fryer Breaded Shrimp

Frozen shrimp works best for this recipe, which yields perfectly crispy shrimp without the need for deep frying.

Spicy Shrimp & Penne Pasta

Shrimp and penne come together in a savory pasta dish, enhanced with spinach and fresh basil for added flavor.

Shrimp Patty Sandwiches

Pancake batter adds a unique twist to these crispy sandwiches, reminiscent of beachfront seafood shacks.

Bombay Rice with Shrimp

Elevate your meal with this Indian-inspired dish featuring coconut, golden raisins, chopped apples, and walnuts.

Shrimp Pasta Primavera

Loaded with veggies and ready in just 15 minutes, this budget-friendly dish can be made restaurant quality with freshly grated Parmesan.

Buttery Grilled Shrimp

Marinate shrimp for just 15 to 30 minutes to avoid it becoming too soft, especially if the marinade includes acidic ingredients like lemon juice.