9 Stylish Long Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Unique Length and Style

Voluminous Thick Long Bixie:

A modern take on the classic French bob, ideal for transitioning from a pixie cut. Features a graduated line for added fullness and a soft, feminine vibe.

Layered Long Pixie Bob:

Playful textured pixie bob with choppy layers for volume and contrasting blonde and brown tones. Great for square or heart-shaped faces, requires regular trims and color touch-ups.

Blonde Edgy Pixie Cut with Dark Roots:

A twist on the traditional pixie bob with expert layering and color transition. Ideal for fine hair, requires regular maintenance for defined layers and vibrant color.

Back View of a Long Pixie Bob Cut:

Perfect for fine, straight hair seeking volume without weight. Features light blonde highlights and suits round or heart-shaped faces. Requires regular trims and volumizing spray for maintenance.

Modern Long Pixie Bob for Short Hair:

Enhances straight, medium-density hair with side-swept bangs and subtle highlights. Ideal for heart-shaped faces, low maintenance with minimal styling effort.

Long Inverted Pixie Bob Haircut:

Elegant style for straight, medium-density hair with contouring layers for volume. Requires minimal daily styling, use lightweight products for lift and smoothness.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

Sharp asymmetrical lines with a bold silver gradient for making a statement. Ideal for straight, medium-density hair, requires frequent salon visits for upkeep.

Long Pixie Bob for Women Over 50:

Graceful silver-blonde bob with blunt fringe, suitable for mature women. Enhances fine hair, easy to manage with regular touch-ups and simple styling.

Lixie Bob Hairstyle:

Adds volume to medium to thick hair with a graduated back for fuller appearance. Requires regular shaping and uses volumizing products for maintenance.