The 7 Most Valuable Things to Look for at Goodwill


Mismatched dishware is trendy and budget-friendly. Look for pieces at Goodwill to create a unique, colorful collection that adds character and charm to your table without buying a full set.

Vintage Canning Jars

Mason jars are here to stay. Vintage blue Ball jars can be valuable to collectors. Whether you want to sell, decorate, or can with them, grab a few if you see them in a thrift store.

Picture Frames

If you dislike the painting but love the frame, remove the artwork and use the frame for something you enjoy. You can also paint old frames in bright colors to refresh their look.

Wooden Furniture

New solid wood furniture is pricey, but thrift stores have cheap wooden desks, dressers, chairs, and benches. Choose simple, sturdy pieces. Replace old brass knobs for a modern look.

Colored Pyrex

If you spot a vintage pink Pyrex bowl at a thrift store, grab it fast! Collectors love the colors and patterns, and it resells for a lot. It's also cute and durable for everyday use.

Cast-Iron Cookware

New cast-iron skillets can be pricey, but finding them cheap at Goodwill is a great deal. Even if they look rough, you can easily restore them to be like new and cook delicious meals.


When decluttering, people often ditch books first. Thrift stores are packed with them at prices 10 times cheaper than bookstores. Hunt for summer reads, historical fiction, or autobiographies there!