The 9 Best Air Jordan Sneakers of All Time

Air Jordan I:

The Air Jordan I set the standard for great sneaker design, offering performance, comfort, and versatility both on and off the court. Over the years, it has been used for storytelling and unique collaborations, making it a canvas for designers.

Air Jordan XI:

A perfect blend of performance and luxury, the Air Jordan XI marked Michael Jordan's official comeback and is a favorite among collectors. With its unique design featuring a patent leather panel.

Air Jordan III:

The Air Jordan III is where the legend of Air Jordan sneakers began, blending high performance, fashion, and pop culture into one iconic silhouette. With its clean design and iconic elephant print, it became immortalized by Jordan's iconic free-throw line dunk.

Air Jordan IV:

Tinker Hatfield's design genius shines in the Air Jordan IV, featuring unique elements like the iconic netting on the side and lacing eyelets. Immortalized by Jordan's game-winning shot and appearances in popular culture, it remains a timeless classic.

Air Jordan XIII:

The Air Jordan XIII, known as Michael Jordan's last sneaker as a Chicago Bull, stands out for its unique design inspired by a panther. Its plush side panels and holographic eye panel make it a standout performer on the court and a coveted collector's item.

Air Jordan VII:

The Air Jordan VII, marking MJ's second NBA Championship and Olympic Gold Medal win, shares design elements with its predecessor but stands out for its vibrant colorways and tribal-inspired details.

Air Jordan VI:

The Air Jordan VI, MJ's first NBA Championship sneaker, features a unique midsole and tongue design, setting it apart from its predecessors. Its enduring design and collaborations with notable figures make it a must-have for collectors.

Air Jordan V:

With inspiration drawn from fighter planes, the Air Jordan V features a distinctive shark-tooth midsole and prominent tongue. Its enduring popularity and iconic colorways cement its status as a classic sneaker.

Air Jordan XII:

Serving as a bridge between iconic Jordan models, the Air Jordan XII is celebrated for its simple yet versatile design. Re-releases and reinterpretations by fashion brands make it a popular choice both on and off the court.