Top 7 Most Shark-Infested Beaches In The United State

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Despite its reputation for shark attacks, New Smyrna offers 27 km of pristine white sand and excellent waves for surfing. Visitors can enjoy fantastic restaurants like Cafe del Soul and Baci Beer and Wine Cellar.

M kena Beach, Maui, Hawaii

This 1.1 km stretch of beach within M kena Beach State Park is popular for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. Shark sightings are common, especially in the calm, shallow waters.

Bolinas, California

Bolinas Beach is located in California's Red Triangle, where a significant portion of Great White Shark attacks occurs due to the abundance of seal species. Visitors should exercise caution.

Solana Beach, California

Just a short drive from San Diego, Solana Beach boasts luxurious resorts and epic waves for surfing. Shark sightings are becoming more frequent, particularly among juvenile sharks migrating south.

Surf Beach, California

Situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Surf Beach is known for its lengthy waves ideal for bodyboarding. However, frequent shark attacks every two years have made swimming.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Located near Orlando, Cocoa Beach offers stunning scenery and dolphin-watching tours. While sharks are present, rip currents pose a bigger danger for swimmers.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With 96 km of coastline, Myrtle Beach has the second-highest number of shark attacks in America after New Smyrna. Despite the risks